Testimonial of Christian Science Nursing Care

Some testimonies begin with a statement referring their ‘overdue status’. Mine is overdue as it has been overlooked as even worthy of comment! This testimony is about my brush with Christian Science Nursing. I say “brush” as I deemed my need small and almost insignificant. The health challenge was relatively minor and mundane. Sometimes these episodes can have great significance. This is mine.

Being a Light-bringer

A talk by Sharon Strong, Christian Science Nurse Trainer, Fern Lodge, Christian Science Nursing Facility. Sponsored by the Alaska Association for Christian Science Nursing. Join us by Zoom for a Fireside Chat -- a Metaphysical Deep Dive bringing light to the darkness and fresh inspiration to your practice of Christian Science.

Christ and Christmas

The Biblos Foundation is pleased to announce a new talk: "Christ and Christmas"  a recorded talk by Kristy L. Christian, M.A.R., based on the poem and illustrations by Mary Baker Eddy. This 6-part series, including slides, will be available December 14 - 31, 2021, and you can listen to these recordings as often as you like during this period.

Extract from a Christmas letter

Beloved Students: — My heart has many rooms: one of these is sacred to the memory of my students. Into this upper chamber, where all things are pure and of good report, — into this sanctuary of love, — I often retreat, sit silently, and ponder.  In this chamber is memory's wardrobe, where I deposit certain recollections and rare grand collections once in each year. This is my Christmas storehouse.

A New View of Normal

We long for constancy in our lives. So it’s not unusual to hear someone speak with trepidation about a “new normal.” Whether this comes from an impatience to get back to “normal” or a concern that there is no going back to the old “normal,” it begs the question, What really is “normal”? Can there ever be a “normal” that is certain and consistently good?