Reflections on “Tracing the origins of the Manual of The Mother Church By-law, Christian Science nurse, pt. 1”

CCSN response to 2 emails sent in appreciation after hearing the talk

Following the talk on Saturday February 26, 2022, “Tracing the origins of the Manual of The Mother Church By-law, Christian Science nurse” part one by Griff Henninger, two emails were sent in appreciation:

“I found this article on JSH-online that talks about parish nursing history. Barbara Dossey is mentioned as a presenter and the author of Florence Nightingale: mystic, visionary.… 
I enjoyed the presentation today and look forward to part two.”

“I found the presentation on Saturday fascinating. Did not know that nursing as we understand it started with Florence Nightingale and that she was an exact contemporary of Mary Baker Eddy.” 

Christian Science Nurse response:

Yes, a lot to take in – very awakening!

I think the “Christ-room workers” of the early Christian movement mentioned in the talk are our Christian Science Nurse example. Indeed, all Christian Scientists equipped with our Pastor, including the teachings of the Comforter (for this time) should be nurse-practitioners or practitioner-nurses, to some degree.

Nightingale was indeed the pioneer of basic hygiene standards. She practiced and wore the Christian garment of “do unto others …”.  We can see her standards in the Manual By-law stipulating “proper care” and “practical wisdom.”  

Christian Science is the only true “health care”. It is not material, although having an element of “Divinity embracing humanity”. 

Glad you loved the talk! Stay tuned for more inspiring research from Griff on March 12th.

The CCSN has found that we are nursing the Field – we are like Florence, perhaps. The ladies or gents with the lamp!