Loss is Gain?!?!



This February 17 at 11:00 am PT, Broadview is excited to announce the second in our quarterly series! Please join us for an hour-long talk on “Loss is Gain?!?!”, a quote from a poem by our Leader Mary Baker Eddy, as well as a familiar hymn that celebrates the spiritual growth that can accompany painful circumstances.* We all understand the concept. But when we’re freshly grieving a departed loved one, a lost job, a pet, or whatever, we may not respond positively when friends insist, “Really, this is a win!”

Our guests for this conversation will be Annette Kreutziger-Herr, a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner, and her daughter, Anna-Zoë Herr. Anna-Zoë, a specialist in public engagement for a European natural history museum, recently wrote this Sentinel article about loss and grief. Both will be joining us from Berlin, Germany.

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*1. Hymn 207, Christian Science Hymnal (O make me glad for every scalding tear, / For hope deferred, ingratitude, disdain! / Wait, and love more for every hate, and fear / No ill,—since God is good, and loss is gain.”)