Testimonial of Christian Science Nursing Care


Testimonial by K.E., from Georgian Bluffs, ONtario

Some testimonies begin with a statement referring their ‘overdue status’. Mine is overdue as it has been overlooked as even worthy of comment!

This testimony is about my brush with Christian Science Nursing. I say “brush” as I deemed my need small and almost insignificant. The health challenge was relatively minor and mundane. Sometimes these episodes can have great significance. This is mine.

About a decade and a half ago, I was dealing with a fractured wrist. The local hospital had helped me with the immediate emergency. With the support of a steadfast and most helpful Christian Science Practitioner, fears and discomfort disappeared. Still, there were a few practical details with which I needed help.

My bandage was soiled and my fingernails were becoming unsightly. I considered the option to go back to the hospital where I had received emergency care, but I felt a strong need for a more metaphysical influence in my overall healing.

Another issue that was possibly more difficult to deal with was that I lived in a rural area. I was feeling isolated in more ways than one. Thus it was that I made a phone inquiry to a Christian Science Nursing facility and was beyond delighted to hear a positive response to my request for help.

Yes! A Christian Science nurse could come out to see me in spite of the distance — three hours from the facility! Yes! A Christian Science nurse would change my bandage. Yes! A Christian Science nurse would clip my fingernails. All I got were yeses!

The uplift from that phone call was significant, and it was only the start of my entire experience with Christian Science Nursing.

A day or so later the Christian Science nurse and her protégé arrived in my driveway. Instantly I felt immersed in the sunshine of love. There was no talk of fatigue from their long drive, but rather an immediate outpouring of peaceful energy. Their expressions were supporting and soothing. I had so been trying to get my thought away from my physical challenge. The Christian Science nurses assisted me in looking away from material evidence and to look at Love. The hands of Love were doing their work.

It was glorious to have a clean bandage and to have clean and trimmed fingernails. These details do count.

After the work was done, the Christian Science nurses expressed an interest in a wee exploration of the beautiful countryside around my home. Bonus! We took a little tour taking in the bucolic sights. All seemed bathed in a new beauty and light for me. I was so buoyed by the gentle conversation and these companioning Christian Science nurses.

Whereas I had been feeling isolated, cut off, stuck in a dark outlook, these Christian Science nurses came in with a whoosh of Love and spiritual uplift, right where I was, dispelling the darkness and leaving a lasting healing impression apparently! as I am still thinking of it and benefiting from it these many years later.

Even when the Christian Science nurse tending my fingernails said she did not like my nail clippers, harumph, it was said with a dose of tasteful truthful love which made me laugh and does to this day. There was simply no complaint, from any quarter, only the uplift of Love.

And is not that The Truth of Being? Christian Science nurses are cheerful, strong, capable emissaries of God’s healing love. There is no limit to the scope of healing or the length of time God’s healing love can spread its vigour. Christian Science Nursing has proven this for me.