Christian Science Nurse Training: Takeaways from Trainees

takeaways from Trainees of Le Verger’s Christian Science Nurse Training Course

As a result of the CCSNA advertising Le Verger Christian Science nurse training in December 2022, four people availed themselves of courses offered.  The following are notes of appreciation. 

I am so grateful to the CCSNA. This year I had the opportunity to participate in the Spiritual Dimension of Care via Zoom through Le Verger. It was such a blessing to be able to connect with Christian Science nurses from across North America, who were there to kindly support me in my training. The thoroughness, love, and intention behind each lesson was felt.

 I am now starting to understand that I have the proper tools to support and care for another individual should the moment arise. With the preparation and guidance from my Christian Science teacher I now feel confident and competent in my steps to becoming a Christian Science nurse. 

From Le Verger Introductory session

The instruction in all aspects of care from bathing a patient, providing a meal, making a bed, helping with mobility, to binding a wound — and more — is entirely based on an operative divine Principle, and that Principle is Love. How often the thought occurred, “Oh, there is a principle behind this activity”. In every situation thought is to be permeated with order and unselfed love.

This love expressed is palpable, with care given to a patient’s dignity, modesty, comfort, and safety. The instruction appears designed to insure the patient and Christian Science nurse are aware of Love’s ministering presence. The effect of this course of study and practice has been an on-going sense of gratification and awe.

From Le Verger Level II Classroom session

The alertness to the importance of humility, to be willing to listen for divine guidance at every step, and to watch and guard against self-will.

From Le Verger Level II Classroom session

My training experience in February was as a humble witness to the expression of the oneness of divine Mind and reflected by all involved. I had been praying for guidance about the recent requirements for Christian Science nurses that wish to become Journal-listed.

Le Verger Christian Science School of Nursing has been active in Canada offering training but more recently their focus has been to train in the community where the Christian Science nurse is currently active. This was exactly what I needed!

I witnessed God’s hand in all the details of this unfolding. The timing of the instructor and trainees’ schedules working out, and the prayerful and practical support by all involved to organize and donate either their time or the needed finances.

I am so grateful for this experience, and for all who answered the call to take training.

From Level IV Le Verger Instruction

Dear Members of the Canadian Christian Science Nursing Association,

Growing up, my favourite job was always being a camp counsellor at Camp Bow-Isle. I spent many summers there. My work as a counsellor led me so beautifully towards my new favourite job: being a Christian Science nurse! I am so thrilled to work as a Christian Science nurse at Camp Bow-Isle. This could only be made better by working with those striving to represent themselves as Christian Science nurses. While working within the training program at Arden Wood, I grew to love mentoring and helping others realize their full capability as a Christian Science nurse.

I recently completed my Le Verger Mentoring course with Patty Nuernberg. I am looking forward to working with two Christian Science nurses from Le Verger’s training program at Camp this summer. It will be exciting to work as a mentor again and to learn from my fellow Christian Science nurses while we minister to the needs of the campers and staff.

I look forward to telling you how the summer went and to hosting more Canadian Christian Science nurses at Camp in the years to come.

From Le Verger Mentorship Course