some thoughts from mary baker eddy


Dear Friends, 

Some thoughts from our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, on our atonement with Love; the example of Christ Jesus’ demonstration of this oneness, and the dominion that brings to each of us. 

“Perchance some one of you may say, “The evidence of spiritual verity in me is so small that I am afraid. I feel so far from victory over the flesh that to reach out for a present realization of my hope savors of temerity. Because of my own unfitness for such a spiritual animus my strength is naught and my faith fails.” O thou “weak and infirm of purpose.” Jesus said, “Be not afraid”! 

“What if the little rain should say, 

‘So small a drop as I 

Can ne’er refresh a drooping earth, 

I’ll tarry in the sky.’” 

Is not a man metaphysically and mathematically number one, a unit, and therefore whole number, governed and protected by his divine Principle, God? You have simply to preserve a scientific, positive sense of unity with your divine source, and daily demonstrate this. Then you will find that one is as important a factor as duodecillions in being and doing right, and thus demonstrating deific Principle. A dewdrop reflects the sun. Each of Christ’s little ones reflects the infinite One, and therefore is the seer’s declaration true, that ‘one on God’s side is a majority.’ A single drop of water may help to hide the stars, or crown the tree with blossoms…” 

(Pulpit and Press, Mary Baker Eddy, pp. 3:26; 4:1-19)