Testimonial of Christian Science Nursing Care


Sandy Nicolson

Although I have friends who are Christian Science nurses and have spent Rest and Study time in a Christian Science Nursing facility, I had never had Christian Science nursing care for myself until my stay in Arden Wood about six years ago.

 I wasn’t sure I would be able to attend my Christian Science Association meeting that year, to be held at Arden Wood in San Francisco, because the pain in my leg was so intense that not only walking, but sitting for any length of time was challenging.  Divine Love brought me to Arden Wood where I not only was able to attend my Association meeting (in a wheel chair in a private room) but was able to spend the next two and a half weeks nurtured by such Christly love and the expectation of healing.

This was a very precious experience I shall never forget.  Friends asked me about the experience and I shared some thoughts with them.  What I did say to two close friends was that every Christian Scientist should have this opportunity to receive Christian Science nursing care enabling each one to fully appreciate and treasure our Leader’s provision for Christian Science nursing.  That didn’t mean that I wished an individual to have a problem that would require Christian Science nursing care.  It simply meant that this was such a heavenly experience that words can’t really describe it. 

 As was mentioned yesterday (November 14, 2021 at the Zoom meeting between Canadian Christian Science Nurses – CCSN – and the British Columbia churches), sharing testimonies in the Periodicals and not just at a Wednesday testimony meeting will certainly open more thought to the value of Christian Science nursing care and its integral part in the Cause.